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Port of Miami and Port Everglades Transportation ,Group offers the transportation to and from Port of Miami and Port Everglades Cruise terminals. Our economical and on time limo, shuttles and car services are available to and from Miami MIA and FLL Fort Lauderdale airports.

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Things 2 to do before N after cruise

Car service in Miami , Limo Service in MIami, Van Service in MIami ,Port of Miami transportation FLL

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Cruise insiders info : 

Most cruisers especially families who cruising from Port of Miami and Port Everglades has so many difficulties to plan yours and your families life time adventure of dream land in Miami .

Lets get best of it .

Before Cruise

Early Morning Airport Arrivals : Things to do in Miami Before Cruise 

If you arriving on same day of your cruise starts read below first please . 

If you arriving day or days before its mean your lucky plenty of time to discover :  Wynwood Walls , Design District , Little Havana,  Vizcaya Gardens , Coconut Grove, MiamI Beach - South Beach Art Deco , Ocean Drive or just simple city tour . 

Let Say you had over night flights or early morning flights arrived in Orlando : what you can do waiting in the airport ? Heading to your cruise ship ? 

Most cruise lines won't start embarkation  before 11 am even if you go there every early you can't even your luggages on uploading trollies because they just disembarking an other few thousand people and you have plenty of time  how you gonna move around with luggages and maybe with family and kids and so many nice place you can visit Miami Van Service provides best car service for your needs , We pick you up from airport than just tell us what can be done for you Short city tour , have quick bites around , want to go Wynwood Walls , Shopping at Dolphin Mall or Sawgrass Mills Outlets , Bayside Mall area , than stop some places to take care of your babies diapers or checking your kids needs before heading to Port of Miami or Port Everglades . 


After Cruise

We Tailored our service on your needs just tell us what we can do for you : You Coming Miami and Fort Lauderdale for a cruise and so many question in your mind how to handle this trip especially  when family on the moves . 

You just plan we handle the rest .

unlimited stop , unlimited miles 

let start from Port of Miami or Port Everglades cruise terminal let discover excited places kept safe your luggages in your chauffeured private car service and finish this happy day at airport or over night hotel .

Also you may receive our best family trophy  , we won't tell anybody we planned , you did it best parents ever your kids will be remember all life long such an amazing vacation ever planned by dad and mom .

If You need type of Miami car service with car seat not a problem we got your back we have all types of booster, infant and toddler car seats .

Second Best Transportation Provider of Port Canaveral .Then who is #1 see video below

Miami Van Service has been #1 Port Transportations providers until  one man took over our title this man is   Elon Musk , arrives in Port Canaveral For space X , unfortunately we don't have any space rocket at your service but we have beautiful brand new Cadillac XTS , Chevrolet Suburban suv's, Cadillac Escalade , Mercedes sprinter passenger van's, Mercedes sprinter vip van's also minibus and motor coaches , soon we will buying a rocket shuttle for to be Best Port of Miami and Port Everglades Transfer Providers .

Port Canaveral Cruise Ship Schedule

Car service in Orlando , Limo Service in Orlando, Van Service in Orlando , Port Canaveral , Best Bus

November 2018 - December 2018


Port Canaveral1-Aug-2019Carnival ElationCarnival07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral2-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral2-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45

 Port Canaveral2-Aug-2019Norwegian SunNCL07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral2-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral3-Aug-2019Carnival BreezeCarnival06:00-16:00

Port Canaveral4-Aug-2019Harmony of the SeasRoyal Caribbean06:00 - 16:30

Port Canaveral5-Aug-2019Carnival ElationCarnival07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral5-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral5-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45

 Port Canaveral5-Aug-2019Norwegian SunNCL07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral5-Aug-2019Norwegian DawnNCL13:00-21:00

Port Canaveral5-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral7-Aug-2019Disney FantasyDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45

 Port Canaveral9-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral9-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45

 Port Canaveral9-Aug-2019Norwegian SunNCL07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral9-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral10-Aug-2019Carnival BreezeCarnival06:00-16:00

Port Canaveral10-Aug-2019Carnival ElationCarnival07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral10-Aug-2019Disney FantasyDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 

Port Canaveral11-Aug-2019Harmony of the SeasRoyal Caribbean06:00 - 16:30

Port Canaveral12-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00

Port Canaveral12-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45

 Port Canaveral12-Aug-2019Norwegian SunNCL07:00-16:00Port Canaveral12-Aug-2019Norwegian DawnNCL13:00-21:00Port Canaveral12-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00Port Canaveral15-Aug-2019Carnival ElationCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral16-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral16-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 Port Canaveral16-Aug-2019Norwegian SunNCL07:00-16:00Port Canaveral16-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00Port Canaveral17-Aug-2019Carnival BreezeCarnival06:00-16:00Port Canaveral17-Aug-2019Disney FantasyDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 Port Canaveral18-Aug-2019Harmony of the SeasRoyal Caribbean06:00 - 16:30Port Canaveral19-Aug-2019Carnival ElationCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral19-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral19-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 Port Canaveral19-Aug-2019Norwegian SunNCL07:00-16:00Port Canaveral19-Aug-2019Norwegian DawnNCL13:00-21:00Port Canaveral19-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00Port Canaveral23-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral23-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 Port Canaveral23-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00Port Canaveral24-Aug-2019Carnival BreezeCarnival06:00-16:00Port Canaveral24-Aug-2019Carnival ElationCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral24-Aug-2019Disney FantasyDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 Port Canaveral24-Aug-2019Grandeur Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean09:00-21:00Port Canaveral25-Aug-2019Harmony of the SeasRoyal Caribbean06:00 - 16:30Port Canaveral26-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral26-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 Port Canaveral26-Aug-2019Norwegian DawnNCL13:00-21:00Port Canaveral26-Aug-2019Adventure Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean08:00 - 20:00 Port Canaveral26-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00Port Canaveral29-Aug-2019Carnival ElationCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral30-Aug-2019Carnival LibertyCarnival07:00-16:00Port Canaveral30-Aug-2019Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 Port Canaveral30-Aug-2019Mariner Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean07:00-16:00Port Canaveral31-Aug-2019Carnival BreezeCarnival06:00-16:00Port Canaveral31-Aug-2019Disney FantasyDisney Cruise Line07:30 - 15:45 


Port of Miami and port everglades Cruise Port Transfers: What's the Best Way to Get to Your Ship?

Cruise Shuttles

Many Cruise lines provide shared bus transfers from Mia Miami airport to the cruise port (and back again at the end of your cruise) that they sell, like shore excursions, for a extra fee, But if you are low on budget might be best option for you , However you have to wait long line at airport and might not be very comfortable most cruise companies using cheap and old buses you have upload your luggages because you cant expect from a bus driver who works minimum wage upload 60 -70 luggages every run . 

Carnival Cruises Charge 36 $ Per Person One way Ticket 

if you arrive early if you have time let us take you around than to your ship ask our customize itinerary for you . 

Also Carnival Cruise stops shuttle at 1:30 pm ( If you flying same day this not a good option ) 

With Extra or if your party 4 almost same price get your private cruise transfer No waiting on the line , No need long walking to the terminal we will just drop you at cruise terminal . 

Uber and Lyft 

Ride share companies has no vehicle inspection in Florida driver responsible self maintenance so, no regulations at all , vehicle you get on with your family does it worth it , as you know many drivers they don't speak english any time  they might just cancel you ride , they don't care your not their boss , don't be victim of monopoly support local business . 

Port Canaveral Map & Address

Don't waste your time

Ride share drivers can register 15 years old vehicles in Orlando.